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Creative Tattoo Artists & Tattoo Designs in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Turn your body into a work of art at Wildman’s Tattoos & Body Piercing in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Our tattoo artists create an array of unique and beautiful tattoo designs, customized just for you.

Tattoo Designs

From biomechanical visions to traditional Celtic and tribal designs, we create a wide range of images for tattoos.  Custom freehand design featuring extensive color are available.  We also offer computer imaging to create tattoos.  If you need a cover-up tattoo, we’ll come up with something interesting to replace the old image.

Sterile & Safe

Tattooing at Wildman's takes place in a sterile environment.  We take pride in going above and beyond the board of health’s standards.  After Care is very important for your health and for the appearance of your tattoo.  Click here for Tattoo After Care Instructions.

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